BlogMoving in a nutshell: what not to pack in cardboard boxes

The latest advisory entry is a short packing summary. This time - we have prepared a list of things that should not be packed into cardboard boxes. Such pill-knowledge will certainly be useful to your customers currently facing a removal.

Regardless of whether they benefit from the full support of your company or just a transport service, packaging advice will be of help to them at the stage of planning and sorting things.

The list below will help avoid potentially stressful situations, so we encourage you to share this knowledge with your clients.

What should not be hidden in the cartons while packing? Here is the list!

1. Documents

special attention should be paid to the documents. A passport, driving license, or ID card should be with you - in your hand luggage or purse. It is best to do this at the beginning of packing so that they do not get lost in an accidental carton or, worse, among the things intended for disposal.

Also secure a folder with documents that you do not need daily: birth certificates, contracts, health books, warranty cards. Use plastic covers to protect against moisture and store these documents in your carry-on luggage.

Remember. While you can buy the rest of the items on the list, restoring the documents takes time, exposing you to costs, stress, and potential difficulties in everyday life.

2. Chargers

When packing, you can use cardboard to secure any loose cables and chargers - preferably neatly coiled and signed.

However, this rule does not apply to the phone charger.

When moving, you need to stay in touch with other household members or employees of the transport company. So it's best to pack the charger straight into your carry-on bag to avoid unnecessary stress.

Moving in a nutshell: what not to pack in cardboard boxes

3. Medicines

If you are taking any medications permanently, you surely know very well that they should be on hand during the entire period of the move. It is essential, especially if you always need a prescription to buy them.

4. Kids „treasures”

When packing a baby's room, pay attention to items without which your baby will be uncomfortable.

Favorite teddy bear, without which your child will not fall asleep, a blanket that accompanies you during walks, and a plate without which you cannot eat breakfast... Think carefully about the things that cannot be missing even for a moment.

For older kids, it's best to agree together on what to pack in your hand luggage to avoid unnecessary confusion.

5. Anusual things

Do you need to transport a large painting, a stately plant, an antique piece of furniture, an instrument, an aquarium, and the like? You should contact a professional company.

The same goes for electronics. If you do not have the original packaging for transporting the equipment, it is best to use the services of a moving company.

You can, of course, secure your laptop or tablet yourself in your hand luggage, especially if you have dedicated covers.

Don't forget about the little things too... Your favorite jewelry shouldn't end up in a random cardboard box. Keep the valuable contents of the box in your hand luggage.

In the case of non-standard articles, one rule should be followed. If you have any doubts about keeping things safe, it's best not to pack them yourself into boxes.

It is always worth relying on the help of a professional, especially when it comes to things of high value (also the sentimental one). Your packaging attempts may have a bad ending; better leave that to the specialists.