BlogRemoval of the indoor jungle. How to do it safely?

In the next chapter of our blog, we will look at the difficult art of securing plants for removal.

Is it really that complicated?

Certainly not for a professional company! Your clients, however, do not always decide on a complete set of removal services. They often feel that they are better able to protect their belongings independently.

Preparing indoor jungle for the removal can give a headache. Especially when it comes to packing delicate items or those with larger dimensions.

Below, we present a few rules for securing plants for transport and, above all, we recommend addressing these activities to specialists from the industry. So be sure to send the collected advice to your clients.

General rules for packing and transporting plants

  1. Pre-evaluate the condition of the plants. If you think they need repotting, do so at least one month in advance. Also, consider replacing the ceramic pots with lightweight, shatterproof ones.
  2. Water the plants the day before the move. The soil should be kept moist during packing and shipping.
  3. Pack the plants on the day of the move. Most of them can be secured with cardboard, but do not seal the box until shipping. Cut holes for ventilation at the top of the package.
  4. In the case of larger plants, additionally secure the pots to prevent soil from spilling out of them.
  5. For small plants packed in one carton, secure the spaces between the pots.
  6. Sign the boxes with plants clearly and mark the top and bottom of the packaging.
  7. Arrange for help to carry large plants and a suitable car to transport them.
  8. Remember to unpack the plants in the new place first. Open cartons gently and take care not to damage the stem when removing your specimens.
  9. After unpacking the plants, give them a moment to acclimatize. Increase insolation gradually, but remember about watering and the optimal temperature.
  10. In case of doubt, it is best to entrust the packaging and transport of plants to specialists. An experienced moving company will take care of the right materials to secure your home jungle and use all its knowledge to bring it safely to its destination.

Little Treasures

You can place smaller flowers at the bottom of the carton. Assess which is worth additionally securing with paper and do it carefully and delicately. When the pots with all the specimens are stable, fill the spaces between them with newspapers. It is an important part of packing. You have to ensure that the pots will not tip over during transport.

Removal of the indoor jungle. How to do it safely?

Big specimens and XXL pots

Larger plants are more of a challenge when moving. The problem arises when you need to transport tall or branchy specimens. They are much more prone to damage and require more space in the removal company's truck.

In theory, it is enough to secure the pot so that the soil does not spill out during transport. However, it is best to wrap the entire plant in foil or a special bag. In the case of highly branched leaves, it is a good idea to tie up any protruding branches.

If your plants are planted in large, heavy, and breakable pots, you should also take care of them. For example, bubble wrap is a good solution.

During transport, the plant can be additionally placed in a cardboard box to increase its stability. However, if you do not have a large enough car - do not experiment and use the services of a removal company.

We hope that the collected advice will help you deal with your home jungle and transport it safely to a new address. Plants bred for many years with care, after all, cannot be destroyed in one day of moving. So remember that valuable plants can count on professional help - you should consider entrusting them to specialists.